The Internet of Things

2015.01.26 written by Nishanth Babu


Manufacturers Are The First Clear Winners In The Big Business Switch To ‘The Internet of Things’. The article discusses about an interesting topic called the Internet of Things (IOT). The core concept of this phenomenon can be explained as connecting the Internet with things, these “things” can be anything, from home appliances to your […]

Internships: Your First Step into the Corporate World

2014.11.08 written by Nishanth Babu


In a world where we’re continuously surrounded by choices, how do you make possibly the most important one of all- what career is right for you? Let’s take a look at today’s IT Industry. Today, even within a particular field, there are numerous sub-specializations on offer. Whether you choose to be a Data Analyst, a […]

Design for User Experience(UX)

2014.09.22 written by Nishanth Babu


One of the most important things about web design is ensuring that your user experience is top notch. You can design an absolutely stunning, unique website, but if the user experience(UX) is lacking then it will harshly impact the website’s traffic and click-through rates. It is important to cater to every single question a user […]