The Internet of Things

January 26, 2015 written by Nishanth Babu


Manufacturers Are The First Clear Winners In The Big Business Switch To ‘The Internet of Things’.

The article discusses about an interesting topic called the Internet of Things (IOT). The core concept of this phenomenon can be explained as connecting the Internet with things, these “things” can be anything, from home appliances to your car.

What is IOT?
When you check out the definition of IOT you will find something that sounds like “The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure.”

Now, this is a little difficult to understand. Here is an easier definition: “Allow all materials, which contain microcomputer to send and receive data through Internet infrastructure.” This a little bit easier. So, basically we can connect anything to the Internet by just sticking a computer inside it.

Now, if this topic has piqued your interest, you can learn more about it and find some mind-blowing facts about the future of the IOT here:

The Internet of Things: Dr. John Barrett at TEDxCIT

It’s hard to think of how exactly having everything connected to the Internet will help you in your daily life? Well let’s re-imagine your morning routine with the IOT.

・ 12:00 am: (Midnight): Before going to bed you can set the timer and temperature for your shower to make the water hot and ready for you when you get up.

・ 07:00 am: You can access your car audio system and check out that new album you bought yesterday and have it play in the background as you go about your morning routine.

・ 07:30 am: You can check the road and traffic condition while taking shower, which will be displayed on your shower glass.

・ 08:00 am: When you enter your car. The car reminds you about Lisa’s birthday gift, which you almost forgot in your rush to get to work. Thanks car. .

・ 08:30 am: The Car navigation pipes up and tells you that you forgot to switch off your bathroom light and it is asking you if it’s ok to turn it off.

・ 8:45 am: You’re almost at work, you can turn on your work PC and boot up your mail and run a quick virus scan before you get there.

・ 09:00 am: At the office, you can check on your doggie through a Web camera in your house, and feed him via a automatic food server system controlled by your mobile phone.
Don’t you feel excited? The Future is almost here.

Front End of IOT

The IOT is possible only when every computer system is seamlessly connected. Unfortunately, most companies use different programming languages and operating system. This makes trying to connect each system together a hard task.

However, what if all the devices used the same Operating system and language for their platforms and all of them followed the same regulations. This would be a huge win for both the consumer and the companies, because the companies do not need to invest a huge amount of time and money to port their products for different platforms and the consumer will not have to deal with any hassle that comes with the incompatibility of devices.

This is where HTML5 and JavaScript step in. They are languages that are compatible with almost any form of Internet enabled device and they do not need any special software or plug-in to comprehend web commands.

What this means for Web Designers is that they now have a massive market to choose from. Front-End Design and User Interface Design will be a heavily demanded skill-set for all companies.